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BALI VILLA RENTAL at VILLASRENTALINBALI.COM offers a wide array of luxury private villas in Bali excellently appropriated for HOLIDAY, VACATION and HONEYMOON; along with space and service in privacy.

Elegant accommodation imaginable to match your longing for harmony and solitude is here in Bali, the tropical paradise island. Let yourself luxuriate in a magnificently outfitted “Bali villa” of your very own in total privacy. Accorded generous living spaces, sophisticated conveniences, and other lavish extras like a private swimming pool, you have endless selections of personal Bali villas providing surpassing five-star-hotel or resorts experiences.


Bali villas for rent, which are absolutely superior in space provision and privacy in comparison to that of classy hotels in terms of cost, provide distinguishing amenities such as luxuriously well-appointed bedroom including the air conditioner and dream tropical bathroom, generous areas of dining and living and fresh porches outdoor, a verdant tropical garden along with your personal swimming pool, and a round-the-clock professional butler well-trained to cater for any of your need during your vacation.


Experiencing the genuine Bali is the opportunity that is inevitably wide open in your luxury Bali villas. There is no isolation from the island and local people the way there would be in a hotel. In the surroundings of casual yet elegant setting, you are a part of Balinese tradition while catered for by friendly and professional staff.


Pool Villa Ahimsa
Villa The Ahimsa, Villas in Seminyak
1 Bedroom Villas2 Bedroom Villas3 Bedroom Villas, From US$ 300
The Ahimsa Group has its valued guests take luxury accommodation from a new angle by offering a splendid boutique villa experience. The traditional architecture of Asia blended with modern design in the embrace of five-star hotel service is the ...

FEATURED All of Villas Rental in Bali

Villa Nirwana, Villas in Tabanan
4 Bedroom Villas, From US$ 400
Bali is the one place that can be called as a heaven on earth. This island becomes the primary destination for local and international tourist. Bali is appropriate for you who want to relax your mind, you can feel ...
Villa Lalu 16
Villa Lalu, Villas in Seminyak
1 Bedroom Villas2 Bedroom Villas3 Bedroom Villas4 Bedroom Villas, From US$ 100
Do you want to know how it feels staying in the middle of genuine Bali village, right next to the most famous entertainment center in this island? Try staying at Villa Lalu, a Bali villa resort in Seminyak with ...
Villa Elysia full view
Villa Elysia, Villas in Nusa Dua
3 Bedroom Villas, From US$ 200
Jalan Taman Giri No. 8, 80361 Nusa Dua Sometimes it is so hard to find a place that can accommodate many people, but it has beautiful scenery like private paradise. Fortunately, in Villa Elysia you can find it. This villa ...
Home Villa Ocean Blue
Villa Ocean Blue, Villas in Nusa Dua
1 Bedroom Villas2 Bedroom Villas3 Bedroom Villas, From US$ 100
Jl. Raya Kampial, Nusa Dua 80363, Bali - Indonesia Ocean Blue Hotel in Bali, a luxury haven, is one of the astonishing private pool villas close to the elite resorts of Nusa Dua hotels. The combination of landscape and the ...
Maya Nandini 3
Maya Nandini Villa, Villas in Ubud
1 Bedroom Villas2 Bedroom Villas, From US$ 200
Many people rent Bali villa to find peace and serenity from exclusive accommodation, preferably located in a beautiful spot among Bali’s tropical paradise. The Nandini villa in Ubud is a villa resort that blends the signature beauty of Ubud ...
Villa Tis
Villa Tis, Villas in Seminyak
3 Bedroom Villas, From US$ 300
Villa Tis is a luxury accommodation managed by Premier Hospitality Asia, designed to provide guests with luxury, comfort as well as the real taste of Bali as a world renowned tropical paradise. This Seminyak villa compound has options of ...
Villa damai Lestari pool
Damai Lestari, Villas in Seminyak
1 Bedroom Villas2 Bedroom Villas, From US$ 200
About Villa Damai Lestari ("Everlasting Peace") is a unique tropical 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom villa, nestled away in Seminyak's attractive business district. Villa Damai is 15 minutes walk from the Oberoi (Ku De Ta) beach, and its world-class surf, picturesque coastline, and ...
Pool VillaTalisa
Villa Talisa, Villas in Petitenget
3 Bedroom Villas, From US$ 300
A modern styled and comfortable residential accommodation in a fashionable area of Bali could be yours alone. Villa Talisa will conveniently fulfill any of your possible needs in an attempt to make your next visit a nurturing experience. This ...
Pool Villa Tanis
Villa The Tanis, Villas in Nusa Lembongan
1 Bedroom Villas2 Bedroom Villas, From US$ 100
Mushroom Bay  Lembongan Island 8071, Indonesia The Tanis Villas, a splendid peaceful place for holiday, is far off the busy city streets. This Bali Villas Rental resort delightfully features a homey atmosphere in a fusion of artistic contemporary architecture and exotic ...
Villa Salvatore 8
Villa Salvatore, Villas in Unggasan
1 Bedroom Villas3 Bedroom Villas4 Bedroom Villas, From US$ 100
Ungasan About Villa Salvatore is a compound of 3 and 4 bedroom villas located on an elevated piece of landscape that is orientated to capture sweeping views over the entire Jimbaran Hill. Newly Built in a prime position on the Bukit ...
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Bali News

Villa ArriaVillas in Seminyak
3 Bedroom VillasFrom US$ 200
Arria Villas Seminyak About Us Villa Arria is a contemporary holiday home in downtown Seminyak that takes the needs of seasoned travellers into careful consideration. It features three bedrooms and comfortably accommodates a family or up to six adult guests in smart ...
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Anyone who has visited Bali knows how fabulous the island is when it comes to Best things to do in Bali during holidays. Since Bali offers too many amazing beaches, and as its beaches have so many fantastic free ...
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Bali Villa 7 Bedrooms, with Luxury Facilities
Bali Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist locations of the world and this island is considered one of Asia's main tropical destinations. Renowned for its artistic way of life and steeped in history, Bali is a really ...
Bali Villa Rentals Monthly
Bali is an amazing place to stay during holiday and for many tourists this place is greatly memorable making them want to come again and again to the paradise land. For those who wish to stay longer in Bali ...
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